Monday, October 17, 2005

All hail. Ouch.

I'd almost forgotten what hail *is*. That's LA for you.

Today, a silver-dollar-size piece of it wanders down from wherever in the sky hail hides, and whacks me on the head as I dash to my car. Motherfucker.

But anyway.

Got lost in the woods on Saturday. That was fun. Rheanna and I took a badly-damarcated trail into a canyon and ended up staring at a rock wall. We then wandered around in the canyon for an hour and a half, trying to pinpoint exactly where we'd entered it...and came up totally empty. The worst of it was walking into a nest of spiders with half-inch-wide carapaces the color of dead, yellowed skin, legs as long as my pinkie and runic-looking black markings on the belly...totally horrifying, especially for someone with my love of spiders.

Some nice fellow wandered in and pointed us out - it looked like a flat wall when viewed from the canyon base, but after a little scrambling we recognized where we'd come from. Now, I can't wait to get back down there and tackle that rock wall we thought we weren't supposed to go beyond...turns out the rest of our route lay at the top of it, and our ever-helpful trail book had failed to mention it. Sigh.

This week is gonna be a bitch. Hopefully, a nice bitch. We'll see.

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