Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I've spent most of the day looking for a chunky, grizzled, tatted biker dude to take off his shirt on camera. What a life I've got. ;)

I want to make something really fabulous for dinner tonight...something that involves happy foods, like carrots and mangoes and roasted red potatoes and too many fresh herbs. My garden's going crazy in the rain, and it's got a lot to share. The Van Doren Moon & Stars watermelon that's been inexorably advancing over my yard has even bothered to form one nascent fruit. Go watermelon. At this rate, we'll be having a well-appointed bar-b-que by Christmas.

The office I'm in for this production is perched on a hill in Echo Park, overlooking one of my favourite parts of town. I can see the Griffith Park hilltop garden from here. The cloud of tobacco smoke rising from the oodles of hipsters in the canyon below makes the afternoon sun into a gossamer blanket over the city. It's cool and pleasant, and there's a contented puppy softly snoring in my lap as I type.

And as content as I am right now, I'd love to be huffing and puffing up some street in San Francisco right now. Or maybe Prague.

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