Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A helpful chart for reference when buying me candy:

Cheap red lollipops
Most jellybeans
Double-Bubble. I've actually never managed to convince this stuff to be single-bubble. Bazooka, too, despite its macho, warlike facade.
Wax lips. Why are these distributed as candy? Not only are they non-caloric, but wildly unflattering besides.
Big, swirly, colorful lollipops sold for $15.00/ea at Disneyland and other theme parks of significance.

Most candies involving peanuts or the butter derived from same
Candies that include cherries somewhere in the synthesis (dark-chocolate coating a plus). Mani's has one of the best ones; I'll take you there if you come and see me.
Junior Mints
That sour-apple lollipop with the caramel dip
Coffee candy
Most saltwater taffy. Makes me think of sticky-fingered beachwalks, big hats, and sand between my toes.

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