Friday, November 04, 2005

Love is like falling, and falling is like this.

Something about the yoga yesterday opened me - cracked back my ribs and laid me bare. Everything wants out.

Thanks for the jeans. They feel nice...I know they're made to fit a boy's body and mine is nowhere close, but they're soft and beaten-in and long enough to fit my faraway ankles. This theme of sharing is the strongest sign we clutch between us - our differences being so many, and our long acquaintance spent almost entirely in helping each other boulder through The Tough Stuff. Wearing these, the complications seem surmountable - as here's a similarity; we both fit these. So thanks for letting it be complicated. Thanks for trying so hard.

Feels like reckless driving when we're talking
It's fun while it lasts, and it's faster than walking
But no one's going to sympathize when we crash
They'll say "you hit what you head for, you get what you ask"
And we'll say we didn't know, we didn't even try
One minute there was road beneath us, the next just sky

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