Wednesday, November 02, 2005

OK, so I'm doing it...

...I made arrangements to start down the path of pretzelhood. I take my first yoga class tomorrow at 6.30pm.

The studio doesn't even have a website. I'm having flashes of Heart of Darkness here.

I can only imagine how dumb and unwieldy I'm going to be. Have you seen Bambi? The scene where he's ice-skating with Thumper? And his feet won't stay squarely underneath him, so he ends up all sloppy and careening and stuck in snowdrifts? Yeah. Me, tomorrow, without the snow.

I will not be taking video.

Hey, maybe after I shake off the chains of suckiness I can use it as a shameless excuse to get out of town. Ooh, to bend myself into silly shapes on foreign shores. Pleasant.

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