Thursday, December 01, 2005

annette_oneil: i want a russian bride
toeshock: <- russian
toeshock: <- looks good in white
annette_oneil: i'll interview you, then:
annette_oneil: 1.
annette_oneil: what is the proper response to, "get back in the kitchen and make me some pie"?
toeshock: 1. "yes ma'am"
annette_oneil: 2.
annette_oneil: can you pull off your own apron with your bare teeth?
toeshock: 2. "yes ma'am"
annette_oneil: and, finally, #3:
annette_oneil: is your knowledge of the english language inversely proportionate to your staggering sexual prowess?
annette_oneil: (i worry about that one a lot.)
toeshock: I no understand qvestion. but very good in bed.

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