Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Finally, a moment to take a breath.

Between the last-minute holiday scrambling, the schmoozing, the parties, the frantic Santaish gifty behaviours and the clock ticking louder and louder on the Annie Awards, I've been out of my goddamn mind this week and last. This morning finally afforded me a moment to catch up to myself, and I'm overjoyed. I mean, yesterday afternoon I could almost have fairly described myself as 'colicky'. If you'd blindfolded me and set me down in front of a bank of instruments at JPL, I would have been more productive.

First off, I hadn't hiked in a week. The 6.5 miles I put in this morning have set my legs all a-tingle, and put a smile on my face (hefty puppy contingent out there today). My yoga teacher says that this "vibratory quality" is prana, and that it means I've managed to nudge in closer to my true nature. Really, I can't disagree.

Saturday's party was such a surprise - I was expecting six (maybe eight) people to make their way over; was expecting green bean casserole and a couple six-packs of beer. What did I get? Roundabouts twenty-five folks, mounds of delicious food, evil little treats, way, way too much wonderful wine, and a shindig that lasted until 5 a.m. We had a screening of the Star Wars Christmas Special (oh yes, we did) and curled up to watch Serenity again. A friend of mine from ages ago - we were in the acting programme together at CalArts in the summer of '98 - found me on MySpace, and reconnecting with him was a real gift. The few folks that had already scattered for the holidays were sorely missed, but lemme tell ya...what a pleasant surprise.

Guess what? Ben Stiller made cupcakes for my party.

Okay, maybe he didn't exactly know that they were for me - but thanks, Ben. They were yummy.

I spent Sunday recovering from a rip-roaring case of red head. I managed to drag myself off to the Long Beach Flea Market and, safely stowed away behind my big ol' sunglasses, it ended up being a pleasant stroll amongst the musty wares. The sun was at just the right spot to make a light show out of tables full of glass and crystal, and the sea breeze on my skin was just what the doctor ordered.

I leave tomorrow evening and sail, overnight, for points south. Happy holidays, I'm sure, will be mine.

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Gwen said...

Ben Stiller made you cupcakes? and he didn't know they were for you? I'm confused.....