Monday, December 19, 2005


Austie : i had a twilight zone moment after i talked to you on the phone
Austie : i was walking back from brunch with some friends
Austie : we were just talking about going to hit golf balls at the Beverly-Wilshire center
Austie : in koreatown
Austie : enter the phone call
self: aww, yeah. i used to live in k-town.
Austie : "...ok, talk to you later annette." *hangs up*
Austie : friend1: so we are going to hit balls into a net?
Austie : friend2: why would you want to hit balls into a net?
Austie : friend1: that sound lame
Austie : friend3: no, it is fun as hell!
Austie : austin: uh
Austie : austin: what the hell!
Austie : austin: oh! yeah, golf!
Austie : i was about to be like, "shut your jerk holes you asswipes!"

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