Thursday, December 01, 2005

I waited too long.

That's really the long and short of it. I'd first intended to keep a running abbreviated blog in my Treo while on the island; when events shattered any hope of consistency there, I started scratching down thoughts on ticket stubs, receipts, napkins. I can't currently find any of them. As such, there's no cohesion; no way to ascertain what happened when, but for the grey mass of memory I'm left to sift through. Add to that the unbelievable scramble of a day that was Wednesday, spent in the attempt to recover from a week of not-even-attempted work. As such, I'm a little topsy-turvy on the subject of Thanksgiving on the island.

Really, it was a mess of errors, boo-boos, completely devoid of adventure trips and almost free of swimming (none of us was ever fully submerged, as a matter of fact.) It was a whirlwind of ass-hauling along endless miles of Hawaiian roads, marked occasionally by rotating moments of bliss and misery, and in the end I'm glad I'm home.

I learned my lesson on this one: next time, it's gonna be Hong Kong. I remain just the teeniest touch resentful that I agreed to forego my yearly overseas trip to have this little jaunt.

Who's with me?

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toshok said...

I'm totally there