Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh, wait - this is funny.

So we got this guidebook for Maui. Great guidebook - lots of 'secrets'.

Problem is, this guidebook likes to break the law a little bit. It's like going out with a friend who likes to get drunk and throw things...most of the time, you'll be okay, but when your luck is off - well.

We're up at Haleakala, and the guidebook has a bit to say about the view. Drive around back, it says, past the FAA 'do not enter' sign and the state park 'no trespassing' sign and the civic 'no motorized vehicles' sign. They don't really mean it, you see. C'mon. It's pretty. C'mon.

So we do.

Luckily, this story doesn't end the way the others do, with smashed windows and a concussion and stolen purses and lost glasses and busted knees. In fact, it was great. We even gathered photographic evidence of our swollen collective testicles. There's another photo in which Rheanna stands on the car on the forbidden road and breaks another law. But I'm not sharing that...not for free, at least.

I'm hoping the next guidebook I buy says something like, "Take your helicopter into the center of the no-fly zone, drop your hummer in the EPA-protected marsh, drive past the seven federal no trespassing signs, and shoot the endangered species you find there with your non-registered weapon. Pee on something. Throw your trash out the window and leave happy. Don't worry - nobody will care."

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