Monday, December 05, 2005


Spent all day Saturday up in the Verdugos, this time accompanied by Rhee. I'm unsettled a bit by the fact that 'my' coyote came down onto the path right in front of us - literally, ten feet ahead of us - paused in the middle of the path to look at me, and trotted off down the hill. Rheanna didn't see her. I guess she was looking away, but still. A bit shiver-worthy.

That, and the burned-out forest is now full of ravens - at least ten to each tree, with their thick, heavy bodies and deep-throated voices and obsidian wings glinting hard with the afternoon sun. Crossing under the black skeleton trees, our every step was attended by hundreds of beady eyes. I was glad to not have been alone.

Tonight, I'll find out what a gimlet tastes like.

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