Sunday, January 29, 2006

i'm shiny, captain...a-ok.

I'm singin' again.

After a good many glasses of the most scrumptious sangria and attired in my finest naughty-schoolgirl getup (the Fluevogs and the My Filthy Pony really perfect the tone), I don't think I've laughed as loud or as long as I did Saturday night, celebrating Jeff's birthday party. The house was full to bursting once again - with dear friends and new friends and a couple of wonderful erstwhile strangers. People really got into it, dressing in the return-to-childhood theme with abandon (so rare for L.A.!) Imagine my elation when the first guest showed up dressed as Batman-with-a-towel-cape-and-Scooby-slippers.

We'd rented a big ol' moonbounce for the soiree, which went over swimmingly - so swimmingly, in fact, that the police stepped over and asked us in their most authoritative voices to please cease and desist with the deafening wall of elated sound. It was completely riotous and utterly out-of-hand, with several of us careening wildly around inside it at all times. I managed to get in at least three twenty-minute-or-so shifts on the thing - and, at one point, answered a major question I had regarding the contemporary application of the modern moonbounce.

Anyway, last night only went to confirm my hypothesis that I'm the luckiest girl there ever was - fuck Friday's uncanny black mood. I danced my ass off, sat down with the incomparable Libbie Schrader to Gizoogle her official bio and laugh ourselves sick (please chizzay it out, my niggaz, and l-to-the-isten to 'War On Science' and 'Come When I Call'. She is the SHIT, yo.) I found out that the lovely Elizabeth Stone is a budding trapeze artist! Oh - and we noshed on tarts crafted of feta cheese and caramelized onions, drank Sarah's fabulously frivolous framboise-ginger cocktails, and consumed all manner of chocolates in giddy quantity.

Today, I woke up hoarse and moonbounce-bruised and smiling from the mad caterwauling of the night before. It was great - today was a tremendously restorative, cuddly day full of connections and sundry treats. We and those charming parties who had stayed the night ambled over to a big, lingering breakfast at a Coral Cafe sidewalk table. The rest of the day was split between a big, warm bed, a shortish hike in the crisp winter air, and a well-taroed Chinese New Years' feast at Happy Family. Fresh bamboo shoots, how I love thee.

I love food. I love conversations. I love bouncing. I am a happy, happy girl.


vv said...

I really really want to know what question you answered about the contemporary application of the modern moonbounce. I need it for my research!
And I really really hope my birthday party is even half as fun as this one.

Anonymous said...

y'know - the question you're just dying to answer, too. the answer is yes, yes, YES. tee hee. and of course it will be! july's a much better month to have such a soiree, for there could be greased-watermelon-in-the-moonbounce. if everybody wears a helmet. -netternuts

Frank Mullis said...

I was there and it was a wild one. My favorite memory was when Annette played "Def Jam: Fight for NY", for the very first time, mind you, and kicked the crap out of Lucas' bro in less than a 60 seconds. Classic, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

wassup, frank? you want some of this? you want some? well *&$% @*#, !@&#^$^! #*$&%^^%! BOO yah! (luke told jeff later that it was my sheer decibel level and shocking enthusiasm that led me to my victory over matt - and my near-victory over him. heh.) - netterino