Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Like riding a mechanical bull in the middle of a sea of tacks

...the ride is fun, but it's gonna end sometime.

So one of my last safety nets turned to dust in my hands today, and I feel very exposed. It's not going to be as easy as it was - and lord knows, it's never been that easy.

That, and I've been sick since New Years' - this cough isn't going away, and I certainly don't have the luxury of sleeping until my white blood cells catch up to me. And hey, white blood cells - where are you guys, anyway? Can you wake up my lymphatic system on your way over? I hardly even have the energy to read.

I'm bouyed through this roughish patch by the promise of great things around the bend - Joshua Tree rescheduled for early February (and this time with even more good folks coming along - some that I haven't seen in years, that I've quite missed), San Francisco for a nice, long weekend in February or March, Spain in the summer (mmm, Menorca), and - a long way off, yet, but still pulling me forward - Cambodia in the late year.

I've been thinking about what's happened to me this past year - why there's so much in me that's new; why I now feel in all honesty what I had to fake before. Why I'm braver; more willing to take myself at face value and go after what enriches me, unafraid. And then, the other night, I was reminded that I have an anniversary coming up. And it all started to make sense.

Y'know what? You made me better. I owe you (and the near-ludicrous mismanagement of America West) a lot for that.

Okay, I give up. With my darling lizardboy three sheets to the wind on NyQuil in the other room and a heaping helping of pre-shoot-day jitters, I'm going to have to find some way to relax. And fast - my call time is 6:30am.

In other news - hey, wasn't I talking to somebody about this fairly recently?


Aaron Weber said...

You sure do owe me! You owe me ten bucks!

Or was it not me you were talking to?

Saber said...

I'm jealous of your reading material. I've skimmed fables but it just didn't grab me. I've been on the prowl for a decent graphic novel but nothing has punctured the skin and gotten me hooked.

As for the following picture despite the adult nature it is quite innovative...was it released at the CES? I'm suprised I hadn't seen something like that sooner. It does seem a waste to just offer simple commands when there is broadband capability. I wonder what the lag time is? The next obvious step is to add force feedback or recordings sessions and sharing them like iTunes.

oh yeah...good luck tomorrow!

'nette said...

cool, aaron! do you take paypal?

'nette said...

dan: one word. 'lucifer'. if you're into the sandman series, you'll be just fine.