Monday, February 27, 2006

zuma canyon

To creek-hop through the deep cleft of Zuma Canyon was to witness the awesome editorial power of geology. There has been a forging, dissolution, and reimagining of a hundred canyons in this place - watching the rocks under my feet and hands was to read, in braille, a story constantly in revisions. It was a pleasure to be allowed to review this draft, which includes a bee that prefers to walk, a couple of discarded knickers, frogs leaping into the water like synchronized swimmers, and the smell of wild peppermint.

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Sarah said...

Holy Crap - that rock is EXACTLY where I fell in the water! I was rock climbing a few years ago and we were on our way back to the cars. My boots were old and had no traction and I slippedon the rock and fell in the water!!!!!!!!!!!