Thursday, March 16, 2006

a dozen blushing cherubs wheel above

So I'm waiting at a stoplight for the light to turn. There's a girl waiting across from me. She's stunning - all big green eyes and long, wavy auburn hair spilling a bit out her open window. She's leaning her head against the door panel and singing along to her stereo, sorta musingly. She's driving an old Volvo, which somehow makes her even cuter. I lean my head against my driver's-side window, give a little sigh, and watch her sing until the light changes.

And when it turns green and I pick myself up to drive away, I notice the guy sitting in the black Explorer at the other stoplight. He's leaning his head against his window, staring openly at me. He gets all flustered when I catch him, recovering with a little wave. I nod and smile back.

In the metal-bubble world of L.A., love and distance are the best of friends.

I'm going somewhere this weekend. It's gonna rain. I feel minxy. All I can think about is lightning. And pumpkin ravioli in marscapone.


Sarah said...

What are you put to this weekend????

vv said...

I wanna feel minxy...