Friday, March 31, 2006


I was caught in the rain on the hill this morning. The grey was already heavy in the sky when I left the house, but I was determined to go out. I was already at the top of the slope by the time the rain started to come down, and all that remained was to barrel back down. The insistent series of tiny shocks as my face, hot from exertion, caught cold raindrops.

Do you remember that kiss? 'Cause I sure do. Your hand between my shoulder blades, catching me as I leaned back. Your warm lips pressing and releasing mine as icy raindrops strike the skin of my face and neck. My clothes are soaking through a little bit, but there's a blossom of warmth opening under my belly button. And you're smiling.


I bet that you look good on the dancefloor.


I've been listening to the Big Night soundtrack for a few days now, and it's making me want to mambo Italiano. Actually, it's making me want to...remember that TV show, 'Dinner and a Movie'? Like that, but at my house - with you guys! Anybody want to help come up with a first event? Lemme know.


I've already shown this to anybody who'd really care about it, but I am starting to weave fantasies about it. Green, of course, as a nod to my heritage. Oh, I'm a ways off yet - apparently, I have to buy something I can smash the crap out of first, to get it out of my system. I'm fascinated with this culture, though. Done right, it's just like hanging out with the pilots at the Officers' Club - 'cept this time, I'll have a 'plane' of my own.

And a helmet with a four-leaf clover on the back.


Sarah said...

Movie: Godfather
Food: Italian

I'm actually coming up with food faster than movies! Maybe I'm in the wrong industry.....

youthfulmind said...

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