Friday, April 28, 2006

I am

...thinking, today.

seemingly incapable of developing a dependency on cigarettes
but never more than three days away from caffeine addiction

so overcommunicative
but always fighting the fact that i'm scared of what you will or won't say back

constantly surprising myself
but wishing those surprises weren't so questionable and dumbfounding

in love with visiting my hills in the morning
but hate shaking myself out of bed to greet them

selfish as hell
but so ready to give, it consistently scares me

the proud possessor of a really sexy job
but always thinking about the next challenge

determined to get my gumby on
but too poor for the classes i need to make my downward dog less upward

willing to admit that i know next to nuttin' 'bout 'nuttin
but not willing to use that as an excuse not to learn

the world's biggest fan of albacore
but vegetarian

cruising for a bruising
but totally unwilling to strap into my protective gear

a total rock-show fiend
but secretly ache for somebody to drag me out to them, not the other way round

better than i was before
but overarchingly aware of how very far i have yet to go

a big talker
but full of listen

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