Sunday, April 23, 2006


"It must so bittersweet," she said, "To have these people in your life, but all the way across the continent."

Yeah. It is.

I was so lucky to stumble on you, and something in me changed irrevocably (and unquestionably for the better) for the meeting. In any case, part of me lives in Boston now. And runs along the bottom of my mind like a TV-news ticker, always wondering how y'awl are doing - and wishing I were here to join in, to share this city of cobble streets and flower petals and unlikely pronunciations and hour-long restaurant lines in the rain that end in yet more laughter and lip-biting scrumptiousness.


I've spent the past couple of days having things pointed out to me - dorm rooms, dining halls, patches of grass, rooftops, libraries. Of course this is important. Perhaps it's my DoD upbringing, but geographical intimacy is a major component of understanding somebody. I know you better now.


I feel like I've swallowed mercury.

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vv said...

Oh, 'darlin. I was lucky to stumble on YOU, and wonder how you're doing in that land of palm trees (faux and real) and cell phones that always work. Bring your lip-bitingly scrumptious self back here anytime.