Friday, May 05, 2006



The most important thing you can learn from horsemanship is the art of getting up. You can have the most gorgeous equitation known to god or man, but it doesn't matter how lovely your posting trot is if you can't pick yourself up from a dusty arena floor, daub the blood from your split lip, and hop right back up there.


I discovered that I have missed the Foreign Service examination by just a few days. This bummed me out - until I downloaded the examination study guide and realized I'm going to need that year to relearn the vast quantities of knowledge that my poor little brain has data-dumped since AP History. And Calculus. And American Government. And pretty much every other category.

Good lord, when did I get so dumb?!


I miss cooking. I haven't cooked in months - not really. Not enough. I need inspiration. I would like to cook for someone. How's about spring-mushroom risotto and a salad fluffy with lettuce from the garden out back and fruit with fresh whipped cream and old-vine zinfandel? Any takers?


vv said...

I would love for you to cook for me! Say, May 28th?

Sarah said...

*tucks napkin into collar and grabs fork and knife*