Thursday, May 25, 2006


On the long drive back from the Ridgecrest shoot, the girls and I discussed the questionable health affects of soy overintake - increased incidence of cancer in the female reproductive system, cycle inconsistencies, mood swings and breast tenderness.

Of course, all this did was make me crave chocolate soymilk, so I've consumed two cartons of the stuff in as many days.

Just call me Princess Phytoestrogen, and get the hell out of my way.


Do normal people dream about their jobs? I've been having the most anxious, breathless production-related dreams. Apparently, I spent most of last night tossing and turning and mumbling credit card authorizations.


I feel anchorless and feral; like a stray cat that charmed its way into a warm house on a cold day and wants to stay but knows inwardly that strays are put on porches when the rough stuff comes.


Sarah said...

Dream thing totally normal. When I worked in a tape vault I would dream about drowning in vhs tapes and yelling up at the sky for them to stop falling...see totally normal.

Aaron Weber said...

For me, work-anxiety dreams happen when I am stressed about work. :)

I once dreamed that I was trying to get some XML to validate, and it just wouldn't work.

My friend Matt once dreamed he was a CORBA object, and couldn't send signals to the other CORBA objects, and it was very lonely.

meriko said...

Don't know that I claim the normal tag, but I totally have work-dreams. It makes me crazy. Sleep should be your last sane/safe escape, neh?