Friday, May 19, 2006

it sure does pour

...two parking tickets in as many days
...a shoot that just can't seem to be convinced to go smoothly
...being stuck working in the actual-factual middle of nowhere while friends are playing in the sun and the saltwater, eating the lobsters i've been looking forward to for months and frolicking
...absolutely everything coming to an ultimatum
...that major health question-mark poking at my mortality again beloved pussycat and all my worldly goods locked away from me

My head is full of Joni Mitchell. Winter. And Urge For Going. And, inexplicably, California.

And, of course, A Case Of You.

I feel alternately stronger and more lost, with gathering intensity...tiny, silly slips of the toungue can throw me illogically wide, and equally tiny gestures of affection burrow deeply into my well-tenderized heart.

This is a moment of enormous change, and it makes it no easier to know that it's the only way.

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vv said...

I wrote something here earlier, but blogger ate it. The gist of it was this: things will get better, and I will squish you with hugs when I see you next week. *squish squish* :-)