Thursday, May 11, 2006

the snake has no hands; they can never be tied


I had to stop for a snake today as I came up the hill.

It was long enough to stretch from one side of the path to the other and, since I find it to be something of a bad-luck move to hop a snake, I patiently waited until it was annoyed enough with me to move into the hillside shrubbery.

As I watched it move, I realized something - if you took the trajectories of each individual part of the snake as it moved, it would seem as though it's going in a thousand different directions. We know instinctively that the traction this produces is what drives the snake forward, but it looks like directionless flailing if each bit is taken individually.


What if someone wasn't fooled, but they liked you anyway?

The clarity with which you see me is rubbing off. What if it's okay to see things exactly as they are? What does that change?


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Aaron Weber said...

They say (whoever they are) that true friendship (or love) is when someone knows you for who you really are-- and sticks with you anyway.