Monday, July 17, 2006

open your heart, catch my disease


Yep, there are roadblocks. And speedbumps. And traffic. And, this weekend, sortof a police barricade. But somehow, with him, it's all just part of the adventure.

This is bragging, but hell. I mean, he sent me a postcard. At work. From our apartment, five miles away.

He comes with me to witness really, really atrocious Shakespeare in the Park. I mean, Shakespeare so terrible that everyone is wearing a different period costume (from Civil War to 1920's plaid, no joke) - and one dude is even wearing a laptop case on stage. But we're under a blanket and he's hand-feeding me sushi and uproariously MST3King the whole thing to the point I can hardly bite the laughter back. So we give up on it after we finish the bottle of Hatcher Tempranillo and trundle across the lawn to look out over the water, and I'm tucked away again in those immense arms as the ("matches-my-hair") orange sun slides back into the ocean.


So I'm reviewing this weekend's crop of promotional CD's, and I found a gem in an utterly unlikely place - the soundtrack for John Tucker Must Die, which is by all appearences yet another 30-year-olds-playing-18-year-old-high-school-douchebags-on-the-prowl-for-validation-and-sex-not-necessarily-in-that-order piece of atrociously-written schlock. There, tucked away in the middle tracks, appears a Ben Lee cover of Modest Mouse's 'Float On'. And it's great - playful and brainy and lovable, right down to the hiccup at the bridge.

I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Ben Lee (a fella I once knew only as "that funny-lookin' guy who used to date the My So-Called Life chick.") This love affair began, for all intents and purposes, as a direct response to this dare-you-not-to-smile music video. He's continued to win me over with the way he never fails to wrap a little envelope of humour around his lyrics before he delivers them. Really, the new record is quite worth a listen.

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