Friday, August 25, 2006


This has been an extraordinarily weird, trying week.


Exciting, sure. Whirlwind, sure. But extremely, chillingly alienating.

My body has been screaming for attention - for touch, for comfort. To be wrapped up in warm and to have succour pushed into me through my worn-thin skin. I'm so raw; so needy; so unsure of where these steps are carrying me.

I feel like I've had my teeth knocked out all over the room, and I'm scrabbling around in the dark for another shared dream because my own are still so nebulous and unformed.

All I know is that I'm a gypsy - that my blood runs hot with wanderlust, and that this ache is only rubbed away with a good, hard run into the unknown.


I saw a really incredible thing the other day, and watched it again today - but I can't tell you about it. I want to. I guess everybody will see it soon enough, but I feel (justifiably!) like I'm being watched. It unnerves me.

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