Wednesday, August 09, 2006

meet hank

Bear is from San Francisco. So it makes perfect sense that he's a sourdough fan.

I've never made sourdough, but I'm always more than willing to experiment. So I decided to forge ahead and make some natural sourdough starter.

Bear, being something of a germphobe, was a touch dismayed when I described the process of sourdough-craft to him. It's sort of like bacteria-gardening. You mix up some flour and some lukewarm water until it makes a ball the consistency of week-old Play-Doh, put in in a bowl, slap some plastic wrap over it, and 'feed' it a couple times a day until it's bubbling and piquant with life.

The dough starter has been going for a couple of days now, and I showed it to Bear this morning. As it is alive, he insisted on naming it.

So now Hank, the new member of the family, lives on top of our refrigerator.

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