Monday, October 23, 2006


Notable happinesses of the past couple of days:
1. Sushi on boats, and plans for an imminent rubber-duck-pirate invasion. Qua-yarr. Yarrack? Shiver me tailfeathers.
2. Movies about magic (one of the most magical aspects of which being a pair of mysteriously expanding mammaries), and sneaking into Jackass: Number Two again because the last time we snuck in we only got to the Firehose Rodeo, and this time we got all the way up to the Anaconda Ball Pit.
3. Bear's first "real" haunted house, plus a corn maze, a mountain of hay, some amourous rabbits making scandalous use of the petting zoo enclosure, too much shaved ice, people running after us with chainsaws, and Dale (photos of the latter fellow to follow.)
4. Leiderhosen.

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