Thursday, November 02, 2006

awesomest decision ever

So it's 6pm on October 31st, my most favouritest of holidays. The prospects are not good. Just parties - the same old parties. It's long since been decided that we aren't slogging it down to WeHo again.

So I'm sitting on the floor with my head rested on his lap, drawing in the carpet with my big toe.

"We aren't doing anything this year, huh?"

"I dunno."


"How long does it take to get to Vegas?"

"At this time of day, with this traffic, about four hours."

"I can pack a bag in five minutes."

"I'll be ready in six and a half."

So then it was running and laughing and making faces at slot machines and sucking down a couple of gin and tonics to drum up the cajones to sport an extremely breezy beer-wench outfit watching everybody's eyes on the jaw-dropping man on my arm and discussing effective buffet-line strategy and probably waking up the entire wing of the hotel at roughly 4am.

Like, the best Halloween ever.

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