Thursday, July 26, 2007

mcmansion economics and a brown world

Staring out the window yesterday as we chugged through the Bel Air part of Sunset, I became fascinated by the scene at the roadside. It was bus stop upon bus stop, populated by the nannies and housecleaners and laundresses that allow the artifice of that neighborhood to function.

Am I the only person in the world that believes that needing a staff to take care of your personal space signifies an imbalance in your life? It seems to me that if you need a housekeeper, you have too big a house.

There are so many damn 4000'+ square-foot houses in L.A. with one or two people living in them - just think of the unnecessary carbon footprint that represents in cooling, heating, water, supplies, electric adds up quickly and inarguably.

Yet again, it all boils down to personal choices. We all have to see our personal choices as individual votes - am I for a livable planet, or am I against it because what I'm craving right now matters more?

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