Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the perils of barnes, the pitfalls of noble

Maybe this is just The Way It Is. This is my house, this is my body. This is my antisocial life. This is my role - to be the one who doesn't dream. To be the one who supports pies in the sky.

I saw a book today in the store. It was about learning to not be a perfectionist. It was about teaching female overachievers to let themselves be.

I looked at the book and realized - honestly, for the first time - that I am a pragmatist.

And I felt a loss. Strange. After all this time, I should have known.

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Kiddo said...

Strange how we are oblivous to what might be obvious to others around us. *shrugs* I think we all kind of have this vision of our selves, which doesn't always match up with how others see us. 'Ya know?