Monday, February 11, 2008

life, but not with toxins


The old mattress? Gone. The old couch? Gone. Nothing old remains. New things have taken the place of the old in almost every sense. All is full of love - and colour, and texture, and light.

There's an awesome new table, where there was no table at all before; in its Platonic form, the table is a locus of nutrition, conversation, togetherness. We have this, now, in a delightful design that reminiscences of a closed bud that opens with each shared meal.

The couch is idiomatic of this family - modular; changeable; flexible in ways that a reg'lr one could never be.

The new bed is exotic and evocative and airy...and BIG, because 6'+6"5"+(18"x[pi]) does NOT equal Queen. And deliciously softy-firmy, too. Wiggle-inducing.

New things are arriving, too. New colours and ideas, which bring with them openness.


I'm excited about what's happening to my physical person as I affirm my dedication to this new approach to self-care. I feel a well-being that curls up from the roots of me like a smiling kundalini serpent - my heart open and light and full of giggles. I wish someone had told me about this years ago. I feel more beautiful by the hour - more expressed. More me, because with every breath and stretch and morsel I am more aware that I am you, too. Our hearts are the same, yours and mine, dear reader. We are the same person. Think about it.

I was warned before I undertook these changes to my activity and nutrition that my body would raise something of a fuss. There are "detoxifying symptoms," she said. Most are easy enough to bear - a headache here and there; an unexplained rash that raises and disappears within a few long hours; a cramp deep in the belly as the body finds something ugly to tussle with. The benefits far outweigh these annoyances.

The really difficult hurdles are the ones that have nothing to do with the body itself.

"I'll say this once because I know you understand it," he said. "This way of treating your body is wonderful. But there's still something in you that's fighting the release that you're trying to achieve."

And, in the saying, that unclenched my fists. My heart felt like my body does after a long Bikram session. Breathe. Deeper. There you go.


Ur Kiddo said...

huh? what's the new diet?

annette lyn o'neil said...

80-90% raw fruits and vegetables. Fresh-pressed juice and kombucha and chocolate like crazy and organic oils and butter and delightfulness unto bursting. Bikram yoga every day. Wine whenever. Repeat indefinitely.