Tuesday, March 25, 2008

vegan day

We celebrated Vegan Day on Sunday night, after a brilliant day of rubbing pig bellies at the animal sanctuary and strolling down along a sunset beach. We tucked in to a table at the Inn among the swirling conversations and the constant chirrup of crickets and night frogs, smiling quietly with each other in the sweet canyon air. It's still amazing to me that we've extrapolated such life-affirming honesty from the foundation we had to begin with; though it's a completely organic choice on the part of both Bear and I, it feels very much as if the assumption of this lifestyle is our a way of thanking the universe for what we've been given.

I'm not one for labels, and I won't be sharing this new one with altogether too many people - it's easily misconstruable as that weird version of greener-than-thou hippie posturing that's fucking insufferable to be around. But the vegan lifestyle just makes so much sense - I "checked out" of meat-eating long ago, but now I'm sayin' nope to all the rest of it. And it feels good.

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Foodeater said...

One of these days I must make it out to Animal Acres. I think what's really missing in my life right now is a happy pig belly to rub!