Saturday, June 07, 2008

emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Even though my little homeopathic jet lag chewies worked five hundred times better than I expected, due to the searing wet midday heat I'm still up for lateness. And guess what? Pretty much everybody here is up for lateness, too!

I spent the day learning how to cook Thai food (SO easy and lazy and non-chop-intensive!) on a beautiful farm, and now I'm just dragging myself home from going out to hear some butchered reggae with a delightful couple I met randomly on the street.

That's the most amazing thing about this place, so far - openness and friendliness and "why don't you come along?" at every turn. All you have to do is smile and be open to it, and boom! Your gift is returned. It's really quite magical.

Almost by chance, I even managed to catch the Moto GP race at Catalunya at the guesthouse pub next to my hotel. Of course, I was the token American girl in a crowd of Thai and British dudes. I think I scared 'em. When Rossi overtook Stoner in that last-ditch That guy could outbrake God. But poor Nicky in - what - 9th? Ouch. C'mon, homeboy. Don't let the robot get you down. You were behind De Puniet. That's not right.

It's almost 2am here. I have no plans for tomorrow. All I know is that I will be hungry at some point, that I will walk a great deal, and that I have no interest in 20-baht trinkets. It's all I need to have a great day.

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