Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Before I got home last night, Eric took a walk - and smelled goats in the Grand water court.

He investigated further, and discovered that the hill by Angels' Flight is currently populated by a herd of brush-clearing goats. They're keeping them there 'round the clock, behind chain-link fences warning (skull-and-crossbones-style) of the goats' poisonous coats. Last I checked, this was not a logical deterrent to the homeless population...but whatevs.

He took me to see them last night. We scrabbled down the steep sidewalk to view them, eventually landing at the top of the far-side entrance to the metro line.

When we arrived, great herds of animals were gathered there - a hill full of sleeping goats on one side and a sidewalk full of stirring rats on the other, watching their new neighbors curiously and yakking quietly about them amongst themselves. It was a transfixing sight.


Foodeater said...

Why are their coats poisonous? Have they been sprayed with something nasty?

Just saw this on the L.A. Times site: "To keep them focused on their eating, males in the herd have been castrated, he said."

Poor goats.

vieve said...

Maybe they got into some poison ivy? They eat it with no problem, but it sticks to their coats.

Also, castrating the males keeps them from having their way with all of the females (and thus prevents creating a whole bunch of baby goats), which I guess would also help with their focus. :)

My friend here in NC has a targeted grazing business using goats. They are super cute, and really great at clearing out the brush. Go goats!

annette lyn o'neil said...

I first learned about "workin' goats" from you, VV, forwarding your friend's website! I absolutely love the idea, and I'm glad that LA has decided to go "the goat route" with Angels' Flight. It's too charming for words.