Saturday, April 07, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Rain, rain, rain. We were stuck indoors, which is a novelty in and of itself.

Not every day is a red-letter day out here, but sometimes it's good to remember just how delightful every. Single. Day. Always. Is. Today, I:
  • Slept in like I meant it
  • Listened to buckets of rain pounding symphonically on the roof, in the marshland reeds and on the surface of the lagoon, accompanied by the howling Capetonian wind
  • Got my hair cropped into a swingy little shag
  • Got a cute lil' nose ring and a pretty new dress
  • Made my first batch of pickled peppers
  • Fed flying grapes to a friendly dog
  • Had a great yoga session
  • Planned a week chockablock with awesomeness
And so I am grateful.

Monday, April 02, 2012

encounter at farpoint

Brett figured out the meaning of life today.

As we ambled down Noordhoek Beach this morning, slowly zippering in and out of the liquid-glass sea, he recounted his half-dreaming realization that each of us is one iteration of the universe at large, learning about itself through the one tiny window we each represent, and that our greatest responsibility is to live deeply, widely and well in order to present the best set of data for our part of this grand experiment.

It's perfect.